My credible plan to take Britain forward:

  • Implementing my 5-point plan to break the Brexit impasse

  • Abolishing Britain’s 5 worst taxes to make Britain boom again

  • Building millions of new homes to end the housing crisis

  • Creating a £120 billion One Nation Infrastructure Fund for investment in Britain’s regions

  • Standing up for families to help strengthen our society

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  • East Surrey MP fires warning shot in leadership battle, pledging to end the ‘more of the same’ mentality which has left Britain in a Brexit bind.

  • Ex-Minister says the next Conservative PM must seek to bring unity to the country, because Britain’s challenges are ‘bigger than the party’ – and that means giving voters a final say on the shape of Brexit.

  • He warns that ‘single-issue politics’ offers no long-term solutions, and now is the time to rediscover what it means to be Conservative.

Sam Gyimah MP has joined the contest to become the next Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister, with a passionate plea for members of his party to ‘Rediscover what it means to be Conservative’.

The MP for East Surrey, and former Minister, is pledging to give voters a final say on the terms of Brexit, describing the No Deal option as an ‘abject failure’.


Gyimah, who resigned as a Minister in November over Theresa May’s Brexit deal, says he offers the only credible Brexit plan among those in the leadership race, adding:

‘Offering more of the same will get us nowhere – at worst, it will see Britain surrender what negotiating power it has with the EU through a disastrous no deal Brexit.’

‘The other candidates in this contest either favour No Deal or they are not being straight, suggesting there is a new Withdrawal Agreement to be drawn up when this is not the case. Eventually, we face a stark choice: No Deal or a second referendum, as no one wants a General Election.’

‘When I resigned as a Minister over Theresa May’s Brexit deal, I predicted the deal would not pass – it surrendered our voice, our vote and our veto, leaving us with our hands tied.’

‘We must bring Britain out of its Parliamentary paralysis. That is why it is my plan to legislate for a new referendum on the terms of Brexit, offering voters a choice between leaving with the Withdrawal Agreement, no deal, or revoking Article.’

Gyimah, who is married with two children, says it is imperative that Conservative policies reflect the fact that the issues are bigger than the party.

That means learning from recent harsh political lessons, rediscovering what it truly means to be Conservative, and applying that learning to lead Britain into the next decade. He adds:

‘For almost 200 years, the Conservative Party has been the most successful political party in the democratic world. At the heart of its success has been the way it has adapted to a changing world while holding fast to core values.

‘Conservatism is about pragmatism, about putting the country first. There is nothing Conservative about ripping up institutions and relationships in pursuit of a Utopian ideal.’


Gyimah has a warning for those who believe a ‘business as usual’ approach will eventually bear fruit. He adds:

‘The Government’s attempts to chart a way forward from the 2016 referendum have led to an impasse.’

‘All the while the clock is ticking towards October 31st when, if nothing else happens, Britain will leave the EU without a deal. And it’s ticking towards 2022, when voters will demand to know what we’ve done since 2017.’

‘The time to rediscover those strengths that have served the Conservative Party and Britain so well for so long is now; the time to work with those whose opinions differ from our own is now; the time to take back control, properly, of our destiny and that of our country, is now.’